Monday, August 25, 2014

Sterling Regional MedCenter Bone Density Screening September 17

Sterling Regional MedCenter Wellness Services will be holding a bone density screening on Wednesday, September 17 from 1-3pm. Cost is $25. Appointments are required. For questions, more information, or to schedule an appointment call Glenda at 521-3260.

Sterling Regional MedCenter Metabolism Screening September 15

Wellness Services at Sterling Regional MedCenter will be offering a Metabolism Screening on Monday, September 15 starting at 7am. The 30-minute screening will measure your oxygen consumption and help you determine a personalized calorie budget. Cost is $30. To make your appointment call 521-3260.

Sterling Regional MedCenter Diabetes Self Management Program Starts September 11

A diabetes self-management program will be offered by Wellness Services of Sterling Regional MedCenter starting on Thursday, September 11 at 6:30pm. The 5 week-program will teach participants a number of components including diet, exercise, monitoring glucose levels, managing stress, and in some case medication management. Pre-registration is required. For questions or for more information call Glenda at 521-3260.

Sterling Regional MedCenter CT Heart Score Appointments Available September 12

CT Heart Score provides CT cardiac scoring, a noninvasive test that accurately measures the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries. Cost of Heart Score including a wellness consultation is $199 The optional blood tests available with CT scan include  lipid profile for $25, a high sensitive C-reactive protein for $15, and/or a homocysteine for $30. Appointments are available at Sterling Regional MedCenter on Friday, September 12 from 7-9am. Call 521-3260 to schedule your appointment by Wednesday, September 10.

Sterling Regional MedCenter Body Check September 11

Sterling Regional MedCenter's Medical Imaging, Cardiopulmonary, and Wellness Services departments have teamed up to offer a new screening program that includes: blood work, sleep questionnaire, lung function test, body composition, weight, and body mass index, hip to waist ratio, EKG, bone density screening (women only), PSA blood test (men only), peripheral arterial disease screening, evaluation of leg circulation, ultrasound of the carotid vessels, ultrasound of the aorta, health education with a wellness specialist, and health information packet. Cost is $175. The Peripheral Arterial Disease screening is available with a Lipid Profile Panel for $100. The next screening date is Thursday, September 11 from 8-11am. The deadline for making an appointment is September 9. No insurance billing is available. To schedule an appointment or for any questions call 521-3260.

Body Sculpting and Toning Class Starts September 8 in Sterling

The Sterling Regional MedCenter Wellness Services Department will be offering a Body Sculpting and Toning Class. The class is intended for all ages. Classes will be held twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday from 5:15-6pm at Ayres Elementary in Sterling starting September 8. Cost is $5 per session. For questions or to reserve your spot call Angie at 521-3226.

Sterling Regional MedCenter Quarterly Blood Screenings

Sterling Regional MedCenter will be offering Lipid Profile + Gluclose screenings for $25. In addition several other heart related blood screenings will be offered. The screenings will be held at Christ United Methodist Church, 4th and Main in downtown Sterling, from 7-9am on Tuesday, September 2 and Wednesday, September 3 (please use the west entrance). A 12-hour fast is required for the lipid screening and chemistry panel only. No appointment is necessary. For questions such as all the screenings offered, or for more information call Glenda at 521-3260.